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X-link Intelligent Indoor Remote Thermometer

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Product Overview

X-link intelligent indoor remote thermometer uses standard 86 wall plug panel, is installed in the user's home, directly connected to 220V power supply, without battery, only needs to replace the original wall panel socket (avoid large electric equipment such as induction cooker and air conditioner), fashionable appearance, easy to use. Temperature range is from - 10 ℃ to 40 ℃, temperature display precision is 0.1 ℃, the measuring precision is 0.5 ℃. The built-in IOT module can transmit the temperature signal to the acquisition communication master station.

 X-link intelligent indoor remote thermometer

The thermometer adopts the Internet of things communication method, and the communication platform is maintained by network operators, communication signals are reliable, and decentralized collection and centralized communication make operation cost reach the minimum.

Product Advantage

Very low cost: It is hard to imagine the annual communication cost with the intelligent application of Internet of things communication platform.

Very low power consumption: Outstanding low-power design, each heating season consumption less than 5 degrees.

Very low price: The cost optimization of excellence enables the product to be sold at a low price while ensuring high quality.

Technical Parameters

This product adopts wall type 86 design and replaces the wall plug board directly.

Display mode: LCD temperature display

              Double temperature compensation, sensor adopt imported digital type

Communication mode: Internet of Things

Power supply mode: 220V

Output: 220V 10A

Power: 1W (power consumption in standby 0.1w)

       Automatic guard dog system prevents system crash

Temperature range: -10℃ — 40℃

Measure temperature response time: 1 sec

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5℃

Working environment temperature: -20℃ — +60℃

Working environment humidity: 85%RH (no condensation)

Appearance size: 86 x 86 x 40

Software Overview

In order to help heating enterprises realize the goal of "intelligent heat supply network" -- quality heating, energy conservation and environmental protection, TSCC integrates advanced information technologies such as big data, Internet of things and cloud computing, with x-link intelligent temperature remote monitoring and control prediction software system as the core, adopts the indoor remote thermometer developed by itself to continuously measure and monitor the indoor environment temperature of thermal users, in combination with intelligent mining and analysis of weather forecasting data, historical room temperature data and heating historical data, load forecasting is provided for thermal network balance and energy saving control of buildings, thermal stations, heat sources, etc., by means of the heat network monitoring center, the optimized control of heat source, heat station and heat users can be realized, and the goals of energy saving and environmental protection can be realized to the maximum extent under the premise of providing high-quality heating services for heat users.


X-link intelligent indoor remote thermometer

System Characteristics

Intelligent room temperature data acquisition and transmission

Indoor remote thermometer developed by ourselves is simple in structure and easy to install

Temperature data transmission every hour, greatly saving communication costs

Data update quickly, can guide heating adjustment in time

Intelligent data mining, analysis and prediction system developed with big data technology

Based on the collected data, combined with the weather forecast data and historical data, the combined forecast of heating control is made in real time

Intelligent "data self-learning" function, intelligent calculation and prediction from historical data

Based on "Internet of things" to achieve data transmission, low cost

X-link intelligent indoor remote thermometer

X-link intelligent indoor remote thermometer

X-link intelligent indoor remote thermometer

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